We have developed our own working method based on the experience and innovation accumulated over years. The Fabrika Method with which we work is made up of 6 main ingredients:


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Effectiveness Model

The Fabrika Method defines effectiveness as the ability of a team or organization to, simultaneously

1. Achieve results adjusted to their context and aligned with a purpose that adds value.
2. Review the rules with which they carry out their processes to improve their management.
3. Caring for people, helping them meet their needs and accompanying them in their processes of change and development.

Principles of a New Culture

We have identified 8 cultural principles that have been shown to have a major impact on the effectiveness of a team and an organization.

Levels of Change

The basic unit of intervention in cultural transformation processes is the team. We are interested in how you think, how you listen, how you decide... Through your transformation, the individual transformation of each of your people also occurs. And based on its capacity for amplification over time, it generates a transformation of the collective culture of the entire organization.

Phases of the Process

The cultural transition process proposed by Fabrika has 4 phases. It is important to design the phases to guarantee the success of the change by including people from all levels and areas of the organization in the design itself.


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