New Culturers Awareness

In this first program, the teams learn the impact of culture on formal management processes and, therefore, on the effectiveness of the team and the organization, they gain awareness of the need and importance of moving towards a new culture of effectiveness, and create the motivation and alignment necessary to address this process.


Face to face work
  • 6 work sessions of 5.5 hours with the management team in the room (33h).
    • Session 1: Introduction and Framework General.
    • Session 2: Effective Communication.
    • Session 3: Emotional Management.
    • Session 4: Roles, Influence, Power and Status.
    • Session 5: Diversity Management. Conflict.
    • Session 6: Change Management. Transformative Facilitating Leadership.
  • Use of the Arraun diagnostic tool to measure the degree of development of the principles of the new culture.
  • Accompaniment with training sessions personalized coaching or referral to complementary transformation programs for people who require it.
  • Evaluation meeting after completing the work.
online work

    Use of the Fabrika Boga e-learning platform.

    • Sending of documentation and theoretical reinforcement content to look into the work in more depth.
    • Sending videos and inspirational audio-visual material between sessions to consolidate concepts already worked on and open the way to new knowledge.
    • Proposing simple observational and practical exercises to internalise awareness and motivation in the workplace.
    • Communication groups to enrich the process, sharing and interacting with the trainers and the group.

Orientative Duration:

4 months


Each program is customized based on the specific needs and characteristics of each company. Both the duration and the price indicated are indicative and will be determined exactly in the previous budget that will be presented.

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