Conflict Management

Conflict begins with the perception of the other as a threat to our values, needs or identity. But its development depends on other factors (personal, structural, cultural) that must be taken into account. A systemic view of the conflict allows us to delve into its roots and carry out actions to prevent or mitigate it. With a change of outlook, we can turn a conflict into an opportunity to learn and grow as people and as a team.


  • Know the role of personal, structural and cultural elements in the emergence of conflicts.
  • Understand how a conflict escalates and learn to intervene while there is still time.
  • Know some simple steps to manage a conflict between two parties.


  • Conflict in living systems.
  • A comprehensive look at the conflict.
  • The conflict between parties. Climbing and attitudes.
  • Cultural conflict. The drama triangle.
  • Conflict management.